„Nicht immer die selbe Leier...“

 („Not always the same hurdy-gurdy“ – A German saying meaning „Not always the same old story“)





Highly comfortable tuning due to mechanics.






A successful compromise in appearance and technique.




Quick and secure key changes with a second trompette.



€ 1650,- (including sales tax 19%)

 For additional equipment Single Violine Transducer "SHADOW SH-SV2" additional  Euro 112,-



Installation of Transducer

For best output the sensors are fited tightly between the bridge feet and body. Line out is installed on the side.


For playing with transducer you don`t need a pre-amplifier.

With a small  transducer PEAVEY Rage 158 Transtube Series  I tested this equipment with a high level of natural sound.

For showing-off you can use a guitar processor.



- Also available made of American walnut tree or maple -

The surfaces are only lacquered and can thus vary in hue and graining. Since wood is a natural material this is inevitable!




Scott from Oceanside, California, is owner of this hurdy gurdy.

He wrote this email:


I have finally gotten the HG tuned. The strings stretched and wood settled. I am happy to report that it is sounding great except I can't play it. I have bought a book to learn to play and I should be playing soon. As for now I am making my wife crazy

Thanks again,

Scott Gayman


News from Scott:

Delivery Day: Thu, 22 Sep 2005


I have just returned from a Hurdy Gurdy Festival and there were many good things said about my instrument (the Experience). I talked about your great service and your good work and some people were very interested.
Do you have any Hurdy Gurdys for sale right away?
What is the regular time to build a Hurdy Gurdy?

Thank you,

Scott Gayman

I will post this information on the Hurdy Gurdy web list for others.






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