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  This instrument is crafted in the style of the “German” or “Farmer’s” hurdy-gurdy. It combines the simple folk music instrument’s flair with the elegance and superior craftsmanship of that epoch.







In contrast to the rather coarse and sturdy instruments of the common folk, hurdy-gurdies of 18th century French courtly society reached highest standards in workmanship and technique.


An excerpt from Marianne Bröckers book “Die Drehleier – Ihr Bau und ihre Geschichte” (“Hurdy-Gurdy – Crafting and History”):

"The best wood for the cover is mahogany, since it achieves an even tonal quality for the whole keyboard. For that reason many 18th century French instruments – which where used for playing a very different, much more virtuoso repertoire than the folk music instruments – have a body that is either all mahogany or at least a mahogany cover.”




One melody string € 1330,- / 1395,-  (including sales tax 19%)

     Two melody strings € 1435,- / 1495,-  (including sales tax 19%)





Some mistrels likes it colorful.






However, it plays wonderful.




 I am  pleased with the message from Dieter G. about his German Hurdy-gurdy:

Hello Jule,

I’m glad to hear from you! Your hurdy-gurdy is swell and how it plays…

Everyone hearing it or even playing on it is simply enthusiastic about it . Even high-grade hurdy-gurdy players had a taste and agreed.

Most importantly, I like it. I’m practicing a lot and I can already play 5 pieces with Jürgen and Horst. You see – it works!

By now I have also replaced a melody string with an octave, that’s brill! It’s a gut string wound with steel creating a soft and subtle tone, very pleasant, and especially not as loud when practicing. It sounds wonderful in company with the melody string. Yet one string costs € 30,- …

I’ve had a nice wood case built, with soft padding so that my precious is nicely protected :)







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